Wednesday, April 25, 2012

We are pleased to announce the release of Blood Opium: The Original Manuscript, a novel written by Robert Serwatka and Thomas Serwatka. Blood Opium: The Original Manuscript is the unedited and original paranormal, detective story set in San Francisco, two days before the 1906 infamous earthquake. While Tom was promoting Blood Opium, the 2011 version, several people asked how much he wrote, approximately 50%. The story of Officer Edward Hall, aka Investigator Edward Morgan in the Blood Opium, 2011 version, is quite different in many aspects, more graphic and a completely different turn of events. Tom contributed to the general outline of the original story as it was being developed but the day-to-day writing was fully in Bob’s capable hands. We hope you enjoy this version, too. Blood Opium: The Original Manuscript originated as a vehicle to motivate Robert Serwatka in maintaining a courageous battle against cancer and complications from kidney failure. When other people may have given up, knowing that his or her days were far fewer in number than most of us have to enjoy, Bob attended a writing class and worked on Blood Opium, along with several other books, short stories and screen plays. He never talked of his illness or impending death and he only engaged in conversations that centered on positive action, future enterprises and the anticipated release of Blood Opium. Unfortunately, Bob passed away in December 2010, before the book was finished. Blood Opium: The Original Manuscript is ready to download for only $1.99, and can be purchased at:

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