Monday, September 26, 2011

About the Co-Author, Tom Serwatka

Tom Serwatka is a teacher at heart. Whatever he becomes passionate about, he becomes the “expert” in and if you end up within three feet of Tom, you’ll probably get a lecture about whatever he’s fixated on at the moment. In grade school it was playing drums, as a teenager and for the majority of Tom’s life he’s been teaching martial arts, and in recent years his focus has been on marketing and business development. So, keep your distance.

Tom was born in Syracuse, NY in 1959 and is named after the legendary golfer, Tommy Armour. Sometime during 1951 or 1952, Tommy Armour taught Tom’s father, John, how to teach golf while Amour himself was teaching golf at the Innis Arden Golf Club in Old Greenwich, CT.

Co-writing a paranormal detective book was not on Tom’s “bucket list,” but after his brother passed away, he knew that at least one of Bob’s dreams deserved to be fulfilled. The book was about 85% complete and Tom is frantically writing to get it done and published as an e-book on Black Friday.

Tom grew up not focusing on his education and achieving good grades, a trait his daughter thankfully did not pick up. Tom and his wife and dog live in Central NY.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

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